Creating Your Own Peaceful Sanctuary

Given the fast paced and hectic world in which we live, it's no wonder we turn to the quick and easy fix of alcohol in order to relax or de-stress. The problem arises, as I have mentioned so many times before and also discuss with my coaching clients, when alcohol creates more problems than it fixes. And so we HAVE to learn how to relax and find peace in another, more positive, healthy way. A couple of blogs back, I talked about meditation and letting go (click here to read "Letting Go and … [Read more...]

The Two Most Important Skills in Moderate Drinking – Here’s How to Master Them

Alternative to AA Control Binge Drinking

If you really think about it, the two most important skills in moderate drinking are: Being able to go without drinking a few days in a row and staying Alcohol-Free (AF) on planned AF days. Being able to STOP at the amount you plan to stop at when you do drink – derailing the binge. If you’re new to moderate drinking, you may be saying “no kidding! If I could do that I wouldn’t have a problem!” But the truth is just like anything that seems nearly impossible, it just takes work, … [Read more...]

Reality Check – How well are you REALLY doing?

Let me ask you something. When you picture the ideal image of YOU, living your ideal life, how often do you picture yourself drinking? How close to that amount are you drinking now? If you are drinking a whole lot more than you picture the ideal you drinking, then what are you waiting for? Why not go ahead and make the commitment to drinking that much (or little) now? I recently had that same reality check myself. Sure, I drink moderately and have for many years, but I was still drinking more … [Read more...]

Letting Go and Surrendering

letting go

There’s a saying in AA – just “Let Go and Let God.” Essentially it means to let go of that vice-grip of control – on whatever issue you find yourself obsessed over or stressed about – and just let whatever higher power you believe in take over. Whether that be God, the Universe, or your subconscious brain, let go of the need to control or force your will or thoughts. Of course, there are those people out there that will abuse that concept and do absolutely nothing toward making progress on … [Read more...]

More Ways to Curb Binge Drinking

Last week I blogged about the positive rewards of having extended periods of time without drinking alcohol.  It was a great reminder for anyone that may have been stuck in a rut of daily drinking and needing to find motivation to go a few days without alcohol (read it again here if you'd like).  However, what if you've been experiencing an extended period without drinking due to a set goal you've created to go X number of days without alcohol, or maybe you gave it up for Lent, or are trying to … [Read more...]

10 Top Reasons to Go Extended Periods without Drinking Alcohol

PowerPoint Presentation

(Click here to Download PDF): 10 Reasons for Extended Periods without Drinking                                 … [Read more...]

Cultivating the Confidence and Discipline that Lead to Control of Drinking and Bad Habits

I recently read a blog on confidence and self-discipline on the website It’s called “How to Build Self-Discipline” - check it out if you’d like).  The blog is about 7 years old, but just like any timeless wisdom, it has important points for today and especially they relates to controlling drinking and bad habits. I know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, or caught up in a funk because of situations that just don’t seem to improve. It’s tempting to either feel like a victim and … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Others Push Your Buttons (or Drive You to Drink)

I routinely encourage people to take a Life Inventory and determine areas of their life that may need improving or may be triggering drinking. Then the next step is to create goals in those areas that need improving and develop action plans to accomplish those goals – and a HUGE part of designing that plan is to identify obstacles that interfere with taking action and accomplishing goals including external and INTERNAL obstacles. Internal obstacles are things about YOU or that YOU do that … [Read more...]

Moderate Drinking as a Form of Self-Love

Do you ever ask yourself why you want to be able to drink moderately instead of abstain altogether? Sure, at first we’d probably say that it’s because we enjoy wine with food, or an ice-cold beer on the back deck, or perhaps being able to drink our favorite mixed drink with friends. But at a deeper level, we really want to be able to drink moderately because we want to be “normal” – we don’t want to be “weak” or have anything “wrong” with us.  Unfortunately, thinking that there might be … [Read more...]

Stop Judging Yourself Because of A Bad Habit or Addiction


It seems to be human nature to focus on the negative - especially about ourselves. I really don't know why but a person can give you 100 compliments and one criticism, and what you'll remember or obsess over is the criticism. We do it with our own self-talk as well. If something about us is less than positive or perfect, that's what we seem to focus on and DISTORT. And if you have a "bad habit" or addiction that you turn to in order to escape or cope or feel good, you're probably judging … [Read more...]

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