How and Why to Go a Few Days Without Drinking Alcohol

Check out this video to get motivated and start to experience a few days alcohol-free (AF). You'll feel SO MUCH BETTER!! … [Read more...]

Is the Person You are Living with Making You Fat?

OK – so maybe that sounds a little exaggerated or even like you’re giving up your power to another person – but you really have to become aware of why you eat too much or drink too much for comfort. Way too often we are persuaded to act differently than our ideal because of those around us. And yes, while we’re all aware of peer pressure or going with the flow – there’s another element that we may not be mindful of – conflict avoidance or trying to seek some type of escape or coping mechanism … [Read more...]

Refocus the Anxious Energy – Get off the Hamster Wheel & Be Productive

dealing with anxious energy

If you are keeping a journal or paying attention to your drinking habits, you probably have noticed how often you drink because something is bothering you and you can’t get it off your mind. You keep worrying about one thing or another - and in order to get relief you turn to a bottle of wine or bag of cookies. But instead of trying to drown that anxious nervous energy, use that energy to get something productive accomplished. For instance, If you get into an argument or disagreement … [Read more...]

And the Survey Says…

Thank you to all of you MODER8 customers that responded to my survey. I promised I would report the results, so here's what you said: 94% of you said that you were drinking less 26% said that you were doing great and that your drinking is cut in half or better However, only 13% of you felt like your drinking is where you want it to be. So I looked through the answers of the most successful users and this is what they said they were doing: The most successful MODER8 users had a … [Read more...]

The Two Most Important Skills in Moderate Drinking – Here’s How to Master Them

control your drinking

If you really think about it, the two most important skills in moderate drinking are: Being able to stay Alcohol-Free (AF) on planned AF days. Being able to STOP at the amount you plan to stop at when you do drink – derailing the binge. If you’re new to moderate drinking, you may be saying “no kidding! If I could do that I wouldn’t have a problem!” But the truth is just like anything that seems nearly impossible, it just takes work, dedication, and a desire to achieve your goal “no … [Read more...]

Alcohol Abuse – Genetic Brain Disease or Bad Habit?

This topic may very well be one of the most passionately argued controversies in the addiction community – right up there with politics and religion in the rest of the world. I can tell you if it were simply black and white, the problem would have been “fixed” a long time ago. Alcoholism is really a combination of brain physiology and bad habits involving not only genetic personality traits and vulnerabilities, but learned behavior and “etched” neural pathways in the brain. According to … [Read more...]

Do You Replace One Bad Habit with Another?

Don’t get me wrong, my primary objective with MODER8 and this site is to help you reduce and control the amount you drink…however it works best for you. I encourage people to identify substitutes for drinking that make them feel good, peaceful, or happy. For some people, they can substitute a reasonable amount of food or other behavior as a treat or reward, but way too often, that substitute becomes another excessive bad habit resulting in the same negative feelings, shame and health problems as … [Read more...]

Are You Including Rewards in Daily Action Plans?

So maybe you’re good at setting goals and creating action plans to accomplish those goals, but how good are you at including healthy, positive rewards for finishing the tasks that lead to accomplishing your goals? Way too often, we turn to alcohol, food or other unhealthy means of pleasure as our reward or pain reliever. When you are planning your activities for the day, also plan your rewards and positive, happy activities as well. I invite you to use the log sheet that I use to plan out my … [Read more...]

Moderate Drinking vs. Abstinence – Which on is Right for You?


I’m going to be really honest – if you’ve been drinking very heavily for years or decades, tend to binge to black-outs or started drinking at an early age – abstinence is easier.  However, if you REALLY want to be able to drink moderately or socially, then it is a potential option for you if it is something that you are willing to commit to and truly work at – because learning to moderate your drinking takes a lot of work.  But I did it – and you can too. So, having said that, you have to … [Read more...]

Are Your Bad Habits Getting in the Way of Your Goals or Success?

Face of Dog

Think about it – how often do you skip action items on your To-Do list because you just don’t feel like doing them – maybe you were hung over or demotivated from missing your workout and binging on sugar.  Or maybe you let some circumstance in your life trigger you to drink or eat something not on your program or turn to your other bad habit of choice – and you went on a binge for an extended period of time…eventually turning into a daily occurrence. You just completely forgot about your plan of … [Read more...]

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