Alcohol Abuse – Getting Past the Old, Negative Information


When it comes to alcohol abuse, it amazes me that so much of the media continues to teach the disease model and all-or-nothing message of alcohol abuse.  Even WebMD – a contemporary and well trusted health information source published in its article Understanding Alcohol Abuse – the Basics, “The alcoholic's continual craving for alcohol makes abstinence -- an important goal of treatment -- extremely difficult. The condition is also complicated by denial: Alcoholics employ a range of … [Read more...]

Drinking Triggers – Identifying and Developing a Plan


We all know that alcoholism is a complex, multi-faceted problem. While much of it is biological, a lot more of it is behavioral. That means we have to learn how to stop abusing alcohol. While products like MODER8® help to address the physical issues, only YOU can change your behavior. One of the first things you have to do is determine what the usual triggers are that set you off chasing an escape and determine the healthy, non-alcohol way to deal with them. Members of many 12-step programs, … [Read more...]

Balance for a Better Life

Take Control of Your Drinking and Take Back Your Life. It’s a fact; abstinence doesn’t work for everyone. M O D E R 8 ® is an alcohol moderation management supplement aiding in the reduction of alcohol abuse and problem drinking.  Whether you want to stop drinking, stop binge drinking, or simply drink less, M O D E R 8 helps you control your drinking – instead of your drinking controlling you. [Learn More] … [Read more...]

Stop Binge Drinking – How to Derail the Binge


How many times have you set out to drink “just one drink” and found yourself hung-over and unaware of what you may have done during your binge the night before? That anxious feeling of hurrying to the refrigerator for a quick inventory  - checking to see the number of beers that are left so you’ll know just how badly you blew it the night before? Or maybe you’re already taking MODER8®, and although you are much better at controlling your drinking, you’re still drinking more than you plan or … [Read more...]

Alcohol Dependence – No Pain, No Gain?


We are all familiar with the adage, “No Pain, No Gain.”  In general it applies to exercise or working out, but it also relates to treatment for alcohol dependence.  If you are reading this blog, no doubt you have asked yourself, “Why do I drink?”  Of course there are a lot of reasons why – social pressure, stress, boredom, even physical dependency.  But probably one of the top reasons that people abuse alcohol is to escape from themselves or a situation.  While my guess is that this will be one … [Read more...]

Breaking the Habit Cycle


We’re all pretty much familiar with Pavlov’s dog and the “conditioned response.” Basically, Pavlov would ring a bell (or some other type of signal) when he fed his dogs. Initially the dogs would salivate because they were being fed, but eventually, Pavlov could simply ring the bell and the dogs would begin to salivate.  I believe some of our drinking habits and even “cravings” are like this.  The habit also gets tied into the “reward” system.  So for instance, if we’re used to drinking a glass … [Read more...]

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