MODER8 is helping me with stress and limiting my drinking – I love it! … [Read more...]


Ninth day (with 2 capsules of MODER8 each morning) of no alcohol, and when I do have a desire, it feels like it’s coming more from habit than from physical craving. It feels great to feel again! … [Read more...]


I was skeptical about MODER8 at first. But I took it before I went to hangout with my drinking buddies. I only drank one beer and that’s all I wanted. This stuff really works. … [Read more...]


I am really thrilled about your product. I take it when I'm anxious or upset and it calms me down. MODER8 cuts the edge without making me feel “loopy.” I take it before I drink my wine and I'm satisfied with only one glass! I've been telling all of my friends about it. It's easy to talk about something that really works. … [Read more...]


”I can really tell a difference when my husband is taking MODER8 and when he’s not”. … [Read more...]


“When MODER8 first came into my wife's life, I was skeptical. As a couple we had to avoid dinner parties or gatherings where I knew alcohol would be served. After about two weeks of my wife getting Moder8 into her system, I was amazed... She now can drink casually with full control and even stop after one or two drinks! Thank-You MODER8. ” … [Read more...]


“The people at MODER8 are really on to something. When I’m taking it, I drink half as much as I usually do. And I don’t feel like I have to have a beer in my hand all the time.” … [Read more...]


I had been drinking since I was in my teens. From the time I took my first drink, I always wanted more. Drinking just “one” was never an option for me. Eventually I was drinking up to 9 or 10 drinks a day. I did not want to completely give up alcohol, but I could never control it when I did drink. I tried many different books, programs and even self-hypnosis, but nothing helped. I felt hopeless that I would never have a normal, happy, healthy life. I felt destined to die at an early age from … [Read more...]

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