Liz's BioLiz Michael is the President of Second Chance Health & Wellness, Inc.

With degrees in Biochemistry and Biology, she has extensive experience as an analytical chemist and formulator. While this professional expertise has aided in the development of MODER8® it is Liz’s personal experience with alcohol that has been the driving force behind its creation.

Like an estimated 20 million Americans, Liz Michael abused alcohol. As with most substance abusers, Liz’s struggles with alcohol began at an early age, resulting in academic suspensions and legal problems. Parental intervention, followed by professional counseling, had little effect on her desire for alcohol. Finally, at the age of 21, Liz joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Two years of sobriety followed, but eventually, she returned to drinking.

Then a Miracle Occurred.

First, Liz began researching several studies that identified a common trait in the brains of alcohol abusers. She then focused her research on neurotransmitters in the brain and their role in controlling addictions, including alcoholism. Using her background in biochemistry, her findings allowed her to develop the proprietary blend in MODER8®.  She also researched behavior modification therapies, moderation management techniques and their impact on addiction, which enabled her to develop the complete MODER8 program.

The results were astonishing. For the first time in her life, Liz was able to drink only one glass of wine and be completely satisfied.  Since she began taking MODER8® and following the guidelines which she has developed, Liz has complete control of her drinking – drinking in moderation,  and now goes many days without drinking any alcohol at all!


Today, Liz is determined to share MODER8® with others to help them regain control of their lives, just as she has.