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In this MODER8 eCoach online workshop called “How to Control Your Drinking and Learn to Drink in Moderation,” you will learn how to control your drinking in order to live a happy, fulfilled, hopeful life. You’ll dig into some areas of your life that may have kept you turning to the bottle to cope and create a plan for turning those areas of your life around. You’ll also learn about brain chemistry and how to change you own brain chemistry in order to stay in control. You’ll learn how to deal with emotions effectively instead of turning to the bottle…And you’ll LEARN HOW TO DRINK IN MODERATION.

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Getting Started

Getting Motivated and Creating Your Roadmap

CLICK HERE to Download eWorkshop1 Worksheets

Changing Your Brain Chemistry

CLICK HERE to Download eWorkshop 2 Worksheets

Drinking Plan and Moderate Drinking

CLICK ON THESE WORKSHEETS TO DOWNLOAD: Worksheet – Create Your Drinking Plan (Click Here) and Positive Activity and Drinking Log (Click Here)

Dealing with Triggers

CLICK ON THESE WORKSHEETS TO DOWNLOAD: eWorkshop 4 Worksheet – Problem Solving and eWorkshop 4 Worksheet- Triggers

Pulling it All Together