Introducing the MODER8 FREE Webinar Series – Series of 3 FREE webinars to help you kick-start your program.


MODER8 Webinar 1 Worksheet (Click to Download)

Watch this replay of our first in a series of 3 free webinars. This first webinar includes uncovering the REAL reason that you drink too much and walks you through creating your own personal plan for taking control.

This could be the missing piece in your program, so take this opportunity to get re-focused and motivated to make some big changes.




MODER8 Webinar 2 Worksheet (Click to Download)

Webinar 2 in the series of 3 webinars designed to help you really take control of your drinking and turn your life around. This video covers the brain chemistry of addiction and emotion, and helps you find positive healthy alternatives to drinking that make you feel good or relaxed.





MODER8 Webinar 3 Worksheet (Click to Download)

In this replay of the third and FINAL webinar of the series, we bring everything together from the first two webinars and create your ultimate plan for success.