Thank you to all of you MODER8 customers that responded to my survey. I promised I would report the results, so here’s what you said:

  • 94% of you said that you were drinking less
  • 26% said that you were doing great and that your drinking is cut in half or better

However, only 13% of you felt like your drinking is where you want it to be. So I looked through the answers of the most successful users and this is what they said they were doing:

  • The most successful MODER8 users had a drinking plan
  • Almost all took 1 or 2 MODER8 capsules per day
  • The #1 Strategy that these users practiced from the Workbook is “Things to Do Instead of Drink”
  • Followed by: Changing Biochemistry, Dealing with Triggers and Getting Motivated

So if you don’t have a Workbook and you’re interested in learning and practicing the strategies, you can order a downloadable eWorkbook by CLICKING HERE, or else you can try some of the suggestions in a few of these blogs: