Control your drinking by learning to control your emotionsIf you think about it, most of our binges are triggered by our emotions and how they control us.  How many times have you self-medicated because you were scared, angry, or sad?  There are complete philosophies and books written on this topic – such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. If you’re interested, you may even want to pick up a book on the subject…but few of us have the time or desire for that, so let me give you a couple of pointers that some of the women in our MODER8 Support Network use:

  • In the short term, learn to distract – If you are in a situation that is stressing you out, causing you to be fearful or angry, then get away.  Either leave the place you are, or change the topic of discussion – If you’re alone and thoughts pop into your head, call a friend, turn on some music that is fun and upbeat, or relaxing, depending on what you need at the moment.  Take a walk.
    • Self – sooth- Think of using your five senses – watch a sunset or a fire burning, take a bubble bath, get a massage or use of the massage machines that you got 3 birthdays and never use…
  • In the long term:
    1. Determine what emotion you are feeling and what your emotions are saying to you.
    2. Get logical – what are the facts about the situation?
    3. Get wise – calm your emotions by focusing on the facts vs. what your emotions are blowing out of proportion.  It may be that it’s time to put an action plan together for dealing with the issues that are causing these emotions.

It takes practice to do these things instead of drink, but these are life changing habits that will help to contribute to getting your drinking under control.