never give upI recently read a blog on confidence and self-discipline on the website It’s called “How to Build Self-Discipline” – check it out if you’d like).  The blog is about 7 years old, but just like any timeless wisdom, it has important points for today and especially they relates to controlling drinking and bad habits.

I know it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, or caught up in a funk because of situations that just don’t seem to improve. It’s tempting to either feel like a victim and that life just isn’t being fair (which ultimately results in you giving up your power) or even worse, simply giving up and drinking or binge-eating everyday just to make it through life.

Life it hard, but the rewards are great if you persevere. And the drive to persevere comes from self-confidence and discipline  that are developed over time by taking the right kinds of action and demonstrating that right kinds of behavior.

As we approach spring, I want you to get a renewed sense of commitment and RESOLVE to push through some of the obstacles that may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals and making the big changes you need to make in your life. If you have to do an extended period of alcohol-free days just to break out of the rut, then do so (If you need some support, I invite you to watch the video series “7-Day AF Challenge” or join our MODER8 Support Community).

And then consider some of the points that I took away from Peter Clemens’ blog and have revised them a bit as they relate to some of my own experiences and learnings in dealing with life’s battles:

  • Decide what behavior best reflects your goals and values – regardless of how you feel in the moment – and make it a pledge to practice those behaviors instead of seeking immediate gratification by turning to bad habits.
  • Creating goals and action items isn’t enough – you have to schedule out and plan, and stick to your vow to get them done. Writing them down on a calendar helps tremendously in accomplishing those tasks. It represents your commitment to yourself to get it done.
  • Stay mindful of your self-talk in the moment. Most of us say horrible, negative or judgmental words to ourselves daily. We have to get in the habit of praising ourselves for our strengths and accomplishments – and encourage ourselves to keep going when times are tough.
  • Surround yourself with positive influences and support for your goals and commitment.
  • Pick a date – SOON – and get started implementing these behaviors and commitment. (If NOW is too soon, then pick a day that works for your typical routine. Sundays or Mondays seem to be best for a lot of people – but go ahead and decide right now and put it on your calendar.)