fun-without-drinking-alcohol-300x199Why is it that we tend to drink more around certain people or in certain situations? Sometimes it is basically a triggered response where we drink because we are trying to escape from the feelings that we are having, for instance around a certain person because they make us nuts, or in an irritating situation because of the noise or craziness around us.
Other times it’s because it has become a “conditioned response,” much like Pavlov’s dogs. I’ve heard many people ask “why do I want to drink more on vacation,” or “why do I seem to drink more around certain friends, even though I really like them?” The answer is because that’s what you are used to doing.
Most of us associate vacations with relaxing, letting go and having a good time and then drinking try to feel “even better.” But you have to begin to associate another “good feeling” with being on vacation….and that depends on what brings YOU pleasure naturally, and what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to feel more relaxed, then try to do more “relaxing” things, like reading or meditating or watching nature, etc. If you need to feel exhilarated, then incorporate something more thrilling or energizing, like water skiing or ice skating…maybe playing beach volleyball or hiking up a mountain.
Look over the downloadable eBook again and do Strategy No. 2 – identifying the things you like to do for fun or relaxation. Or click on the blog post “Things to do Instead of Drink” for more ideas on substitutes for drinking alcohol.
It takes a little time and practice, but eventually you’ll be conditioned to want to do non-alcohol related activities instead of wanting to drink!