ChoicesDon’t get me wrong, my primary objective with MODER8 and this site is to help you reduce and control the amount you drink…however it works best for you. I encourage people to identify substitutes for drinking that make them feel good, peaceful, or happy. For some people, they can substitute a reasonable amount of food or other behavior as a treat or reward, but way too often, that substitute becomes another excessive bad habit resulting in the same negative feelings, shame and health problems as overindulging in alcohol creates.

Keep a journal and become aware of your other forms of pleasure. How many of them are positive and healthy and add to your self-esteem? How many of them are negative and lead to more problems or conflict?

Start to make a list of the activities and experiences that are healthy AND bring you joy and happiness. Be sure to add more and more of those to your day. Also be aware of the negative habits, and consciously reduce the frequency that you turn to that substance or behavior. Download this worksheet to help you with this exercise: Positive Activity and Drinking Log.

And as we say in our MODER8 Support Community, “Stay calm and MODER8 on!”