Checklist ImageAs we soon head into Labor Weekend with cookouts and parties, make sure you review this checklist for drinking in moderation. The most important part is to PLAN AHEAD – and don’t forget, that abstinence can be a possible plan especially if there will be any driving required.


Here’s a review (and CLICK HERE to download and print the PDF for your convenience):

  • Drinking Plan – Make sure you decide ahead of time how many drinks you will drink AND what you will do when you reach your limit.
  • Eat before and with drinking – Helps to keep your blood alcohol content at a constant manageable level.
  • Pour ½ pours of drinks – Pour yourself either a half serving of wine or beer or else a reduced alcohol mixed drink.
  • Pace yourself – Sip slowly instead of slamming you drink down.
  • Alternate non-alcoholic beverages – Drink water or something equally as tasty as what you are drinking but without alcohol in between each drink that you consume containing alcohol.
  • Follow your plan to derail the binge – Know ahead of time what you will do when you reach your planned number of drinks and what you will say to that little voice when it tries to get you to drink more. (Something like, “I knew you were going to try to get me to drink more but I’m switching to coffee and dessert instead, then I’m going to bed.”)