defiant-drinking-alcohol-199x300You’re familiar with “defiance.” It’s that little voice inside that got us into trouble when we were teenagers, or caused us to back-talk to authority figures because nobody was going to tell us what to do. Well, it’s the same voice that shouts out, “WHAT?! You were going to FORCE me to have an alcohol-free day today? NO WAY! You aren’t going to tell ME what to do! I’ll show you!” And so that little “brat” inside us convinces us to sabotage our beautiful plan for a healthy day (or more) without alcohol.
Instead of giving in, stop for a moment to take a breath and think through your decision. You can go ahead and drink – and you might just have 1 or 2 – OR you can choose to do something else. You can do one of the healthy alternatives that you have already identified in “Things to Do Instead of Drink.” Then the next day you’ll wake up clear-headed, with more energy, and more self-confidence knowing that you are in control!