trapped-300x200There are times when you feel helpless and hopeless and no amount of supplements or mood altering medication will keep you from wanting to drink in order to cope. The problem is the drinking doesn’t help you feel better either – at least not for long. The “buzz” wears off and you start desperately trying to get it back – “chasing the buzz.” But the more you drink, the more you’re killing yourself and the “euphoria” just isn’t the same.

You have to problem solve and then redirect your focus. What thing or things are causing you to feel helpless and hopeless? Begin to evaluate your situation and determine what you need to do to change it. Begin to put together action items and steps that you can take towards making that change. Do what you can for now – and when there is nothing else you can do, distract to keep your focus on other things during idle times.

I. Problem Solve:
• Put together action items / plan
• Stay productive and don’t give up.
• Identify knowledge gaps and gather information
Then, when you’ve done everything you can….

II. Distract during idle times:
Drinking won’t help them go away – it only hurts your body, mind and spirit. Instead, schedule your idle time with enjoyable or rewarding activities:
• Pull out your list of “Things to Do Instead of Drink” and fill your time with those activities. They should be fun, productive or relaxing, depending on what you need to change your emotions at the time.
• Start working toward personal or professional goals
• For more on this subject, go to Create Your 7+1 Plan