drinking in moderationLabor Day weekend marks the end of summer for most people and with it come parties, cookouts and get-togethers. Of course, there will be alcohol and part of being a “moder8” social drinker is the opportunity to drink a little as well.

BUT-you must plan ahead! Here are some tips for drinking in moderation and derailing the potential binge:

  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER! – Yeah, I know, you think you are Superman or Wonder Woman when you drink and alcohol doesn’t affect your driving.  That’s how I always felt…even AFTER I got a DUI. But this is the thing – even if you have consumed only 2 drinks in one hour (for a 120 pound woman or 4 drinks in an hour for 180 pound man), you are considered to be legally impaired and can get a DUI if you are stopped.  You may think you won’t get stopped, however, accidents happen that aren’t your fault – that’s why they call them accidents – and if you have an elevated blood-alcohol concentration, you’re in trouble.
  • Have a drinking plan in place.
  • Take your MODER8 or MODER8 Stress Relief capsules before you drink if that is a part of your plan.
  • Pace yourself when you drink. Really – you’ll still feel good…just give it a try and drink slower.  You don’t have to slam it down to get a buzz.
  • Drink water if you’re thirsty instead of guzzling your cocktail.
  • Alternate non-alcoholic beverages in between your regular alcohol-containing drinks.
  • Eat –before, during or after. If you’re watching your weight, you can still eat
    lower calorie, healthier options. And guess what? If you’re trying to watch your
    weight but overindulging in alcohol, you’re going to have a really difficult
    time keeping your waistline in check.
  • When you have reached your planned limit, switch gears and start doing something.

Stick to these strategies and you’ll enjoy your holiday drinking  “moder8’ly” and staying in control!