drinking in moderationDo you want to know the first step to really getting control of your drinking or bad habits? It’s finding your passion.  Ok..so before you roll your eyes and click the X to close this blog, listen to me just a little further.

By all statistics, opinions of addiction gurus, 12-step’ers, etc., I am an alcoholic and can never drink or else it will turn into a binge and I will drink uncontrollably. After all, if you don’t know my story, you can read it here, but basically I was programmed to self-destruct.  One minute I was President of Student Council and the next I was expelled from school for drinking on campus. Then I was a local beauty pageant winner one minute and got a DUI the next. I wondered if I would make it to age 30 but somehow I did…and WAY past it now.

But this is the thing – I have a PASSION – and that passion is to help others get over their addictive behaviors – especially with alcohol – and that passion drives me every day to go many nights without drinking at all, and when I do drink, to drink in moderation. Here’s a link to an article by Malini Mohana on Psychcentral.com called “The Motivated Mind: Where Our Passion & Creativity Comes From.” You’ll notice the word “motivated” in the title.  I believe that one drives the other and vice versa…motivated to change and motivated to take control…and motivated to drive towards your passion.

But it’s not just “mental” – it’s base on neuroscience.  According to Mohana, passion comes from the Latin root word “pati” which means to suffer.  Essentially, passion is something that causes you to move toward something regardless of the pain or obstacles that you run into.  But that motivation has a source in a specific part of the brain as well as the emotional center of the brain called the amygdala.  It produces a sense of euphoria when you are working towards something that is really meaningful to you – and guess what? If pushing towards your goal gives you a sense of euphoria, there is no need to overindulge in alcohol, food, etc. in order to feel good.

So how do you find your passion if you’ve lost sight of it? You can start with this:

»        Dig into your past – What were your hobbies, dreams, aspirations when you were a child or a young adult….

»        What makes you happy inside when you think about it or when you do it?

»        What are you really good at?

»        What would you do if money were no object?

»        Look at the suggestions in the psychcentral.com article

For a guided tour of going through this exercise, try the MODER8 eCoach.

So get started today.  Take about an hour to get quiet and do some self-discovery.  Once you’ve identified your passion and you are actively taking action to pursue it, you’ll notice that your drinking will begin to diminish.