Sometimes we find our commitment to goals or resolutions wavering. Sometimes it’s simply because we aren’t seeing enough progress quickly enough, or because we get bored with the process or program we are trying to follow. What we have to remember is the ultimate result that we are striving toward and how incredible we will feel when we get there. You have to begin to find pleasure in digging deep and finding your own inner warrior and drive to persevere.

It begins by wanting to accomplish something or master something badly enough. It starts with your own desire to have or to succeed at something.

Step 1- Desire – How strong is YOUR desire to achieve your goals or overcome drinking too much or eating too much or whatever may be holding you back?

Step 2- Belief – Belief in yourself. Human beings have the incredible ability to persevere and overcome great adversity – and SO DO YOU! Recall the famous Dr. William James quote, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

Step 3Get rid of negative self-talk – What you say to yourself has everything to do with your level of success in life – at whatever you. Whether it’s accomplishing personal or career goals, or controlling bad habits, like drinking too much, what you say to yourself is key. Read more>>

Step 4 – Fill your day with positive self-talk (See Video)

Step 5 – Surround yourself with people that support your vision and mission.

Step 6 – Create a Mantra – Come up with a phrase that empowers you to feel stronger and more resilient when you think of it.  Post it on your bathroom mirror, on the wallpaper of your computer, on your cell phone, in your car. For a long time, mine simply was “Stay Strong” and I had it on my cell phone wallpaper.

Step 7 – Don’t ever give up! When you’re feeling weak or considering doing something counterproductive such as not working out or grabbing that unplanned drink, or eating something not on your program, DIG DOWN DEEP, grit your teeth and growl a little if you have to, and then TAKE ACTION in a POSITIVE DIRECTION. Read more>>