stereogram-u-beercans-150x150Do you remember the stereogram craze from about a decade ago or so where there was a hidden 3-D image embedded in the 2-D picture and you had to just sort of let your eyes go out of focus in order to see the hidden 3-D image? You basically had to stop focusing on what was in front of you and let the other image emerge. The more you relaxed, the more the hidden image would come into focus.

I created this stereogram on just for fun in order to illustrate this point. The 2-dimensional image is a bunch of beer cans – which represents alcohol and problem drinking. But start to allow your eyes to go out of focus, either trying the cross eyed technique or get really close to the screen and start to move back slowly, and the hidden image of the real solution to all of your problems will begin to appear. Click here to view the image. If you are unable to see the hidden image or if you do not have vision in both eyes, here’s what you should see (click here for hidden image).

Getting control of drinking or other bad habits can be just like that. The more you focus on alcohol and drinking uncontrollably, or your waistline, or your debt…the more that will continue to be a problem – and even get worse. But the more you let go of those areas , and begin to focus on you and changing areas of your life, the greater your life with become, the better you’ll feel about yourself and those “bad habits” will begin to diminish.

Focus on creating and being the best YOU that you can. Do a little inventory – are there any areas of you or your life that need improving? Create some goals to change those areas and put together a plan of action. Once you’re focused on – or even a little obsessed – with those goals, there won’t be any room for alcohol or your other bad habits, because they won’t help you to achieve those goals – they’ll only get in the way. If you would like a little help going through this process, revisit your MODER8 Workbook – Drinking Control Strategy No. 1. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from the MODER8 online store here. Or if you would like to be coached through this and other exercises, you may want to try the MODER8 eCoach online video workshop.