binge drinking alcoholYou have to have something to look forward to. It involves hope and the positive expectation of something good or joyful to come. (Here’s another article on the topic in the Non-Consumer Advocate website).

It’s why it’s so important to create goals and always be striving towards something better.  Way too often we get stuck in a rut and get complacent. Our situation may not be ideal…but we drink or eat or turn to other negative habits to cope with a less than fulfilled life.

If you’re drinking too much in order to tolerate a mediocre life, I can’t stress how important it is to constantly create goals and push towards creating a better one. It’s a part of what I call the “Solution-focused” strategy of controlling your drinking instead of the “Problem-focused “ strategy, which is thinking about how much you drink and how bad you feel about yourself.

  • Get started doing a life inventory today and pick some areas of your life that need improving.
  • Create a plan to make those changes. A positive attitude and expectation about accomplishing those changes and goals actually causes you to release dopamine – the pleasure/reward neurotransmitter in your brain that is often associated with substance abuse. (Great article on the brain chemistry and perseverance.)
  • And while you’re at it, incorporate some fun, enjoyable activities in your life that make you feel good and happy TODAY, without turning to substances for a false sense of euphoria.

Life is short. Make yours the best it can be!

If you want some help going through this process, check out the MODER8 eCoach online workshop, “How to Control Your Drinking and Learn to Drink in Moderation.”