beliefs-about-alcoholismWhat you think affects your behavior – plain and simple. The problem is, sometimes what you think is on the subconscious level. You may not even be consciously aware of what you think or believe.

If you’ve been taught that alcoholism is genetic and there is no way for an alcoholic to control their drinking, then subconsciously, you may be “allowing” yourself to drink uncontrollable – even if you don’t consider yourself to be an “alcoholic.” And even then, what you think an “alcoholic” is can affect your beliefs in yourself. For instance, if you think an alcoholic is someone that drinks every day and has an emotional dependency on alcohol, and because of your own drinking pattern, you think you could be an alcoholic. Or perhaps you think that an alcoholic is someone that can’t function physically without alcohol – or maybe you think an alcoholic is someone that can’t control how much they drink when they drink. No matter what you believe, it’s still negative and it is still plastering a label on you. And if you think you “may be” an alcoholic – even on the subconscious level – then you will have shame and negative beliefs about yourself that will cause you to drink even more.

The truth is that problem drinking is a symptom of what is really going on inside. If you are drinking to cope with emotional pain or if you are drinking because you are bored, the drinking is still the outer symptom.

So what you have to do is dig down into the nitty-gritty and determine WHY you are drinking and CHANGE your reaction to whatever it is. That’s what the entire MODER8 Program is built around – understanding why you are drinking – either from a neurochemical, behavioral, habitual or emotional source – and replace the urge to drink with positive healthy alternatives.

If you THINK you can’t control your drinking, then you won’t. But if you THINK and BELIEVE that you can, then you will do whatever it takes to identify the real problem and address it, instead of making alcohol your problem. Alcohol is just the symptom.

Use the MODER8 Jump Start Plan as a refresher for taking the steps toward addressing the real problem, and the “drinking problem” will begin to diminish.