letting goThere’s a saying in AA – just “Let Go and Let God.” Essentially it means to let go of that vice-grip of control – on whatever issue you find yourself obsessed over or stressed about – and just let whatever higher power you believe in take over. Whether that be God, the Universe, or your subconscious brain, let go of the need to control or force your will or thoughts.

Of course, there are those people out there that will abuse that concept and do absolutely nothing toward making progress on the life-changing goals or fixing problems. But for someone like me who is a control – freak by nature and a workaholic by design, my usual habit is to push and work as hard and as fast as possible, so when the outcome doesn’t occur as quickly as expected or something completely opposite of what I was working toward manifests, I can start to get really frustrated and disappointed. However, I’ve noticed that once I let go of it huge changes happen in a great way. I’d compare it to compressing a spring and letting it go.

I think you have to be willing to do your part, and then let your higher power turn it into magic.

But what happens if you aren’t a spiritual or religious person? Well at the very least, you believe in the power of your subconscious mind – you know, the part that keeps your heart beating, your digestion moving and your immune system protecting? Your subconscious mind has an infinite amount more power than your conscious mind or ego. And your subconscious mind is plugged into the forces and power that control nature and the planets.

Here are some steps you can take toward letting go and receiving the benefits:

  1. Pray or meditate and ask for guidance. If you don’t pray and don’t know how to meditate do a Google or amazon search for meditation books or CDs. I personally like a book called “The Best Guide to Meditation” by Victor Davich.
  2. Take action on any guidance you “hear” or urges that you feel will take you closer to achieving your goal or something that feels like it’s the right thing to do (you know when it’s not – you’ll get that weird knot in your stomach.)
  3. Once you’ve done all you can do, just let go of the obsessive thoughts and hand the issue over to your higher power, and then focus on something else.
  4. Within days something will appear to you to take action on again or that moves you in a big way toward your goal or solution.
  5. Have gratitude and say thanks to your higher power or your subconscious mind for making this action happen. Then start over again with Step 1.