effects-of-binge-drinkingSo maybe you don’t drink every day, but when you do drink you rarely stop at just 1 or 2…in fact often it turns into a bottle or 2 of wine, or a six-pack or so of beer and then waking up the next morning not remembering how you got to bed.

If you’ve been concerned about your drinking you probably already know that regular excessive drinking can lead to diabetes, liver and heart disease, cancer, stroke, and more.  But what if you aren’t a daily drinker – maybe only on the weekends, but binge when you do drink? Well the long term effects of binge drinking can have the same health and safety issues as daily excessive drinking.

But does it really matter? Do you think knowing this is going to cause you to change your drinking habits? Not likely – or maybe it will for a couple of weeks, but then you’ll go back to your old habits because if the negative consequences could get you to stop drinking – you would have done it a long time ago.  Knowing the destructive side effects only increases the negative emotions that you already have and that you are already drinking to escape from.

Instead you have to find a positive reason to cut back or change your behavior. The MODER8 moderate drinking program is based on this philosophy of Solution-Focused – focusing on creating the life you want to live or being the person you want to be instead of focusing on the problem – the drinking. For more on this read “Getting Control of Your Drinking – Focusing on the Solution.