MC900434859Let me ask you something. When you picture the ideal image of YOU, living your ideal life, how often do you picture yourself drinking? How close to that amount are you drinking now? If you are drinking a whole lot more than you picture the ideal you drinking, then what are you waiting for? Why not go ahead and make the commitment to drinking that much (or little) now?

I recently had that same reality check myself. Sure, I drink moderately and have for many years, but I was still drinking more often than I pictured myself drinking “in the future when my life would be perfect.” I pictured my ideal self only drinking about four times per year, but in reality I was drinking almost every weekend. So I asked myself what I was waiting for. I think in my mind I had created some type of fantasy life that would exist in the future, and that was when I would be my ideal self, drinking rarely. Well guess what? Tomorrow never comes. We have to be who we want to be and create as much of the life we want to live – TODAY! And when you really make that commitment to yourself instead of waiting for the ideal time somewhere in the future, your entire mindset changes. Suddenly you schedule different social events, associate with different people and engage in much more healthy – AND FUN- activities! The result is that you feel better about yourself, you look better and you enjoy life more.

Take these steps to make a massive change today:

  1. Take a few minutes to get quiet and picture the ideal you, living your ideal life.
  2. How often do you see yourself drinking? How much do you drink at one time? In what settings do you see yourself drinking? Write it down in a journal or piece of paper. Think about it – when you say you want to be a “social drinker,” how often do the “social drinkers” that you know actually drink?
  3. Reflect on how often you drink now. Answer the same questions about your current drinking – in what settings do you drink and how much at one time?
  4. Begin to identify places, people or situations that you automatically associate with drinking and start to reduce or eliminate your exposure to that stimulus.
  5. Incorporate more of the healthy, positive activities into your daily schedule that you picture the “ideal you” doing.
  6. Schedule out WHEN you will drink and how much. For instance, you know that you have your big neighborhood summer kickoff party coming up in a month, and you plan to drink 3 drinks at that event. Write it down!
  7. Then, when it’s not a scheduled time to drink – guess what? Don’t drink! I know this may sound a little difficult, but once you decide that your normal state is not drinking, then the way you live your life changes. You’re not tempted to drink, because you’ve already committed to not drinking unless it’s a scheduled drinking day. And the fact that you know you WILL eventually drink in another couple of weeks or so, helps to reduce that feeling of deprivation.

So go ahead and get started. What are you waiting for?