image recipe for successIn the last blog post I mentioned turning to a routine or activities that work for you in order to get you motivated and goal-focused again. Anytime I get off course and find myself living a less than ideal lifestyle, allowing some of my bad habits to creep back into my life, I start over by planning out a routine such as listed below. I SCHEDULE it into my day, and I write it down in my calendar.

It looks something like this:

  • Coffee and sit quietly– yes, I admit that I am addicted to caffeine, however there are worse things, right? I wake up slowly and peacefully, sipping on my hot and yummy cup of java, and slowly let my mind start to function. As I sit there, I let thoughts come and go as I begin to visualize the rest of the day.
  • Meditation – after about 20 minutes, I begin to shift my mind into the alpha state by controlling my breathing and consciously taking myself to “the zone.” I can’t explain this part exactly, you have to experience it and learn how to do this yourself through almost a form of “self-hypnosis.” For more information on this, visit some meditation or self-hypnosis sites – do a search for “how to achieve the alpha state.” I personally like Harry Carpenter’s teachings on the subconscious mind. Click here to check it out.
  • Once in the alpha state, I listen for “input” or “direction” from either my subconscious or higher power with regard to any of my life goals, passions or concerns.
  • I then begin VISUALIZING and PLANNING, writing down goals and action items for the day (including work tasks, meetings, meals and even a drinking plan and potential triggers). So for example, if today is supposed to be an alcohol-free day (and usually it is if it’s during the work week), I visualize what that will look like, including turning to non-alcoholic ways to feel good or relax. One of my favorite places is in my room, sitting in my bed reading a good suspense novel…not very exciting I realize, but life is exiting enough. I need a little down-time – naturally – not chemically induced.
  • Physical activity in the morning – next I do a little exercise. But for you, it doesn’t have to be a big hour long workout – it can be as little as just some stretching and breathing, or jumping jacks and pushups. Or you may choose to do a full out aerobic, weight-training or resistance toning workout – it depends on what your goals or objectives are – but anything to get your blood pumping and your oxygen flowing…. And adding a boost of accomplishment as well!
  • Implement Plan – Next comes following the plan! The hard part is already done since you took the time to plan out your day. Now all you have to do is mindlessly move into “task mode” and do it without emotion getting in the way. This includes doing the tasks you planned to do for your work, home or volunteer work, plus eating the foods you planned, drinking the beverages that you planned, and doing the fun, relaxing, alcohol-free activities that you planned.
  • After Work (or Witching Hour) – Of course this has already been planned into my day, but I’m reemphasizing it here because it’s important to be prepared for this… and know that you can either turn to physical use of any negative energy (such as a walk) or else use self-care  or nurturing techniques to feel better. If I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious, I take 2 MODER8 capsules.
  • Finish up the day – I usually finish up my day completing any remaining tasks either for work, home or family, and then wind down with some hot tea, a good book or a little meditation/visualization before I go to sleep.

After a day like this, you’ll feel much more accomplished and motivated to have another successful day tomorrow! Decide what YOUR ideal daily routine looks like. Plan it out and follow it, and you won’t have to think about your bad habits getting in the way!