How many times have you set out to drink “just one drink” and found yourself hung-over and unaware of what you may have done during your binge the night before? That anxious feeling of hurrying to the refrigerator for a quick inventory  – checking to see the number of beers that are left so you’ll know just how badly you blew it the night before?

Or maybe you’re already taking MODER8®, and although you are much better at controlling your drinking, you’re still drinking more than you plan or want.  Let me give you a few tricks that work for me and others.  I equate the thought process to throwing water on a fire, or changing the direction of a (potentially run away) train.

1)      Put together a plan AHEAD OF TIME for WHAT you’ll do when you get to your limit:

For example, my limit is 3 drinks. If I get to 2 ½ drinks and the monster inside starts asking for more, I either change activities – like stand up, go to another room and start working on something else (distract) or change what I am consuming, but equally stimulating.

2)      Distractions:

a.       Start reading or doing something that requires concentration.

b.      Shop online (not recommended if you’ve already gone WAY past your limit of drinks!).

c.       Take a walk or start working in the yard or on a project, etc.

d.      If you’re at a party, start talking to someone about something that you need to be able to think clearly in order to contribute better to the conversation.

e.      Think of some of your own!

3) Switch Beverages or Food:

a.       Make it “desert time” and get a small bite of something very flavorful along with a cup of decaf coffee, or tea, etc.

b.      Drink a glass of ice water or mineral water and quench your thirst!  Have you ever noticed that the more alcohol you drink the thirstier you get – and so the more alcohol you drink? That’s because your body needs WATER!

c.       Are you hungry? Get a healthy snack and a non-alcoholic beverage.

Moderate drinking skills take practice.  These are just a few tips, but the more you use them, the better you’ll be at controlled drinking and the more self-confident you’ll feel.