control your drinkingIf you really think about it, the two most important skills in moderate drinking are:

  1. Being able to stay Alcohol-Free (AF) on planned AF days.
  2. Being able to STOP at the amount you plan to stop at when you do drink – derailing the binge.

If you’re new to moderate drinking, you may be saying “no kidding! If I could do that I wouldn’t have a problem!” But the truth is just like anything that seems nearly impossible, it just takes work, dedication, and a desire to achieve your goal “no matter what.” And it also takes learning some skills! That’s what I’m going to teach you in this blog.

Sticking to your AF Days: The first step to sticking to AF days is commitment. The second step is a plan. You may have heard this before, but I’m going to spell it out again.
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Stopping at your Planned Limit: This skill may be even more critical than the first one. Once you master going a few days without drinking, you have to master stopping at the set amount when you do drink. Again, it takes PLANNING. Here’s how:

  1. Put together a plan AHEAD OF TIME for WHAT you’ll do when you get to your limit: For example, my limit is 3 drinks. If I get to 2 ½ drinks and the monster inside starts asking for more, I either change activities – like stand up, go to another room and start working on something else (distract) or change what I am consuming, but equally stimulating.
  2. Distractions:
    • Start reading or doing something that requires concentration.
    • Shop online (not recommended if you’ve already gone WAY past your limit of drinks!).
    • Take a walk or start working in the yard or on a project, etc.
    • If you’re at a party, start talking to someone about something that you need to be able to think clearly in order to contribute better to the conversation.
    • Think of some of your own!
  3. Switch Beverages or Food:
    • Make it “dessert time” and get a small bite of something very flavorful along with a cup of decaf coffee, or tea, etc.
    • Drink a glass of ice water or mineral water and quench your thirst!  Have you ever noticed that the more alcohol you drink the thirstier you get – and so the more alcohol you drink? That’s because your body needs WATER!
    • Are you hungry? Get a healthy snack and a non-alcoholic beverage.