control drinking tipLet me ask you this – what talents and gifts were you born with? How many of them are you actually using? My guess is that if you were really using them the way you think they were intended to be used, you would be living a much more fulfilled life, and probably not turning to “bad habits” such as overindulging in alcohol to feel better.

According to Brian Johnson from “Philosopher’s Notes,” our talents and gifts are our own unique genius. And I believe in order to feel truly complete, we need to use our genius in our daily life.  So start thinking about what yours are and how to use them in an exciting way. Check out this blog on finding your passion and get some ideas on how to incorporate those gifts into achieving your dreams and living your passions. Once you get focused on creating a more exciting and fulfilled life, you won’t turn to substances nearly as much to add that false sense of joy.

So start thinking about it today!