What's your kryptonite?So it’s the first week into 2014 and no doubt you can already tell which of your resolutions you’ll be able to stick with and which ones you’ll just have to give up. So what is it that gets in the way of you accomplishing your goals? What’s your Kryptonite?

You may think that your Kryptonite is alcohol or chocolate cake…and if those things just didn’t exist you could be Superman (or Superwoman). You blame those substances for being your downfall – but those substances have really nothing to do with your behavior or decisions. It is your underlying vulnerability to a different kind of Kryptonite that gets you. Maybe it’s your lack of positive self-image that causes you to give in to someone’s criticism of you…and that leads to the negative emotions that trigger a binge. Or maybe it’s your fear of abandonment, and so you sell yourself out to keep people around or liking you…and you have to drown your emotions in order to tolerate unfulfilling actions or activities.

What you need is to change the way you think and how you feel about yourself or your situation. You have to learn how to take control of your emotions so your emotions don’t control you.

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And if you live in the Atlanta, GA area, I’d like to invite you to our Mental Toughness Bootcamp on Saturday, January 18 where we’ll be joined by former Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod and learn some of his techniques for mental toughness as well.