How does MODER8 work?
MODER8® relieves stress to help block the urge to drink—the binge response—in problem drinkers and the proprietary blend in MODER8 produces a calm, pleasant effect. Because the pleasure sensation is achieved more quickly, you’re able to sip slowly and feel satisfied with much fewer drinks.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Will MODER8 interfere with my other medications?
There are no known drug interactions with the ingredients in MODER8. All of the ingredients are naturally occurring in the body except for Theanine, which is the calming ingredient found in green tea. However, the formulation does contain a small amount (35 mg) of 5-HTP. There is a possibility that higher levels of 5-HTP could intensify the sedative effects of MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants and blood pressure medication. It is best to talk with your doctor or pharmacist about taking MODER8 if you are currently taking prescription medication.

What should I tell my doctor or pharmacist about MODER8?
MODER8 contains a proprietary blend of the amino acids gamma-aminobutyric acid, 5-HTP (35 mg) and Theanine. MODER8 also contains the Vitamins B1, B6 and B12.

How much do I have to purchase?
You may purchase any amount of MODER8 you chose, although we recommend that you at least order a 1 or 3-Month Starter System for your first purchase. You are not expected to commit to any further purchases or memberships. We simply want you to try MODER8 and see if it works for you the way it has for so many of us.

Is there a money back guarantee?
This is not a “quick fix” program. Your success requires your own hard work and willingness to make some changes. Nothing on this or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results. Our programs are intended to give you the tools and the knowledge to make a change in your life, but your results are up to you.
However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you may return the unused portion within 30 days of the purchase for a complete refund of the purchase price (excluding tax and shipping.)

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Does MODER8 have any side effects?
MODER8® does not have any side effects when taken at the recommended levels. Some people have noticed a slight tingling in the hands and face when higher doses of MODER8 are taken. This usually occurs about 30 minutes to an hour after taking the higher dose and lasts for about 2-10 minutes. This reaction is your body’s way of letting you know that you have enough MODER8 in your system.

What is the “tingling” sensation I feel when I take MODER8?
Occasionally, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the primary ingredient in MODER8, may cause a slight “tingling” sensation in the face and hands or the sensation of an increased breath rate and nasal congestion for a few minutes when higher doses are taken on an empty stomach. These sensations will pass quickly and are not considered harmful. Generally, these sensations mean that the ingredients of MODER8 are at optimal levels for your body. So you may want to reduce your intake or be sure to take MODER8 with food.

Is MODER8 addictive?
MODER8® is not addicting—emotionally or physically—and may be discontinued without adverse effect. However, you are likely to relapse into your old pattern of drinking if you drink without taking MODER8 until your behaviors have been completely modified.

Can I drink when I am taking MODER8?
Yes, MODER8 is intended to be taken with or without alcohol. However, due to MODER8’s sedative qualities, alcohol can intensify the sedative effect. It is not recommended that you drink and drive when taking MODER8.

When should I take MODER8?
When first starting to take MODER8®, take 2-3 capsules a day. Reduce the dosage to 1 capsule per day unless you’re planning to drink—then 1 or 2 capsules about 30 minutes before drinking. If you’re planning to drink twice in the same day—for example, brunch at noon and dinner at night—take 1 capsule an hour before each event.

What is the maximum dosage of MODER8 I can take in a day?
The maximum recommended dosage is 3 capsules in one day.

How long can I take MODER8?
You can take MODER8® for as long as you feel you need to.

Do I have to quit drinking for MODER8 to work?
No, the goal of MODER8® is to help you achieve moderation when drinking. Rather than a policy of zero tolerance, MODER8 takes a positive, and far more realistic, approach to alcohol management.

Will MODER8 work no matter how much I drink?
MODER8 is intended for heavy drinkers who are not physically addicted to alcohol. Chronic “alcoholics” who need alcohol in order to function normally should seek medical attention to aid in their withdrawal from alcohol.

Will MODER8 prevent intoxication?
No, in fact MODER8 will intensify the relaxed feeling that you get when you drink. However in some users, it reduces the “euphoric” effect of alcohol or “the buzz.” It is up to you to plan the amount you will drink before you start to drink.

Where can I buy MODER8?
You can purchase the supplement through our online store. Simply click on “the “Products” link at the top right of the website home page. If you live near the north metro Atlanta area, we’re happy to announce that we are now selling MODER8 at Health Nut – 3000 Old Alabama Rd., Suite 122, Alpharetta, GA.

Is taking the MODER8 supplement enough to overcome my urge to drink?
No, MODER8® needs to be paired with the recommended changes in the Downloadable eWorkbook or the hard copy version in order to be most successful. The Workbook incorporates proper MODER8 usage guidelines in conjunction with a personalized plan and strategies to help you manage challenging situations where drinking has become an issue.

Do I need a prescription for MODER8?
No, MODER8® is not a pharmaceutical drug. It is intended to possibly compensate for nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to the drive to abuse alcohol. However, it is recommended that you discuss the use of MODER8 with your doctor, especially if you are on medication or being treated for depression.