Yes, MODER8 is very safe. All of the ingredients in MODER8 are naturally occurring in the body except for Theanine, which is the calming ingredient found in green tea. In fact, the individual components in MODER8 have been on the market for years in various different supplements, for various different applications. This is the first time that they have been combined specifically in such a way to produce the effects to help problem drinkers control their drinking. The concentration of the ingredients in MODER8 has been optimized to work together to help balance out the brain chemistry in chronic alcohol abusers.

There are no known drug interactions with any of the ingredients in MODER8. However, there is a low concentration of 5-HTP (35 mg) designed to boost the effects of the formulation. While 5-HTP does not interact with any known medication, higher doses of 5-HTP (than are in MODER8) could possibly intensify the sedative effects of anti-depressants, MAO Inhibitors or blood pressure medication. Therefore, it is recommended that you discuss using MODER8 with your doctor or pharmacist if you are currently on prescription medications.