I had been drinking since I was in my teens. From the time I took my first drink, I always wanted more. Drinking just “one” was never an option for me. Eventually I was drinking up to 9 or 10 drinks a day. I did not want to completely give up alcohol, but I could never control it when I did drink. I tried many different books, programs and even self-hypnosis, but nothing helped. I felt hopeless that I would never have a normal, happy, healthy life. I felt destined to die at an early age from some kind of disease resulting from my alcoholism.
And then I tried MODER8. Instantly, I could feel a difference in my alcohol appetite. I finally understood what it felt like to sip on just one cocktail! I have been taking MODER8 now for over 8 months. I enjoy clear thinking, hangover-free mornings, and new self-esteem knowing that I am in control of my drinking.